To be the leading company in flexible packaging in Latin America, as the starting point for further internationalization.


The mission of Converflex Argentina S.A. is to provide the highest quality products and services, keeping its management focus intensely on customers, anticipating new market trends by means of sustained investment in innovation and technology, developing, together with the customer, a long-lasting relationship contributing to the sustainable integration and growth between both companies, and creating value for all other stakeholders.


Reliability: We develop relationships based on individual and professional respect, offering our support and assurance to all those with whom we relate.

Respect: We exercise caution which guides us towards growth in a spirit of self-criticism and conscious of our strengths and weaknesses.

Commitment: We conceive a management base on the continuous progress, stimulating the interaction, the effort and the contribution of our people.

Integrity: We assume an honest, transparent, coherent, austere and responsible behavior.

Leadership: We maintain a long-term vision that drives our search for innovation in competitiveness, through the creative and ingenious optimization of our resources.

Hitos en la Historia de Converflex Argentina S.A.:

1964 - Production began at IDEAL S.A. plant, city of Córdoba.

1979 - The first industrial premises (3.800 m2) were begun to be built at the industrial site in Villa del Totoral, province of Córdoba.

1985 - The second plant, occupying a surface area of 4,000 m2, was inaugurated in Villa Mercedes, province of San Luis.

2004 - The third industrial plant (3,700 m2) was inaugurated at the industrial site in Luján, province of Buenos Aires.

2007 - Investments were made in the enlargement of the Cylinder Engraving, PVC and Conversion plants at the industrial site in Villa del Totoral, inaugurating the second industrial premises in the site (4,000 additional m2) and including equipment to enhance its service capabilities.

2011 - Enlargement of the covered area in the industrial plant at the industrial site in Luján (3,900 additional m2,) having a state-of-the-art Fischer & Krecke flexographic press with HD ranges, Converflex Argentina S.A. being a pioneer in acquiring this technology in Latin America. Furthermore, additional laminating and cutting equipment was acquired in order to balance the increase in the industrial site’s productive capacity.

By means of sustained investment in technology, Converflex Argentina S.A. remains at the cutting edge of the latest advances in technology, and applies the highest quality and production standards to supply the most demanding markets.

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